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You Must Register Before You Can View Or Participate In These Forums.

Thank you for your interest in registering for our Forums and wanting to join
our Gaming Community.

I would like to ask everyone to take a moment to review some basic guidelines
for postings in our forums.

Please keep these simple rules in mind when posting .

Failure to do will usually result in your being permanently removed.

Please do not verbally abuse or insult other community members and do not use
profanity or racial/religious/ethnic slurs in the forums. Please do not start
threads, or make posts that will initiate arguments, insult people, or create
ill will. We are all here to have fun, not to be insulted.

Pornography - Please do not post any links or pictures of pornographic
material or web sites in our Forums.

No Recruiting - Please do not try to use our Forums to advertise another
clans, Web pages, Game servers, etc. We do not allow any posts, links or
discussion of other web sites that run game servers like ours or support outside
Clans. We spend a lot of time and money on our servers and our site so we expect
folks when they are posting here to be loyal to us.

Threads About Cheating - Please do not post any links to web sites, forums,
etc., that advocate or contain material pertaining to cheating in on-line

Warez or Illegal Software - Do not post or discuss illegal software, warez,
or make posts suggesting how it can be found.

Forum names are subject to approval, and will be edited or removed if
inappropriate or contain product or web site references.

Our rules are subject to change and are non negotiable. Posts may be removed
from any of the Forums for a number of reasons, and posters may be removed from
the Forums at any time, without public explanation, or discussion, by the
Admins, or Moderators. Administrator's decisions on all topics are final.

Please have fun and enjoy yourself. This board is here for all of us to use as a

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