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Application Info

Post  BlesSer on Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:11 am

When posting an application be sure to Include:

1. Name (In Game And/Or Real)

2. Steam Friends Handle And Link to your Steam Profile (Example:

3. MSN (Live Messenger), Yahoo Messenger or Steam Friends Handle (Example:

4. Age (Must Be At least 18 But Exceptions Can Be Made On RARE occasions)

5. Approximate Total Time Played TF2 or any others games

6. Previous Clan Activity (If any)

7. Location

8. What Is Your Main/Favorite Class?

9. How Have You Become Aware Of Us?

10. What Time Do You Normally Play?

11. Some Info About Yourself.

Please be active/communicate with other members. Try play with us as much possible

Being active and helpful in clan development, which can provide you with benefits.


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